Friday, March 6, 2009

New BX2 Reels Released

“Accurate’s New BX2 line of two speeds offers anglers Small Reels for Big Fish”

The new “BX2” Boss Extreme 2 speeds is a dream come true for fishermen who don’t want to spend the time fighting their tackle versus the fish. Since the introduction of Spectra line, reel manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to put the power and torque available in larger reels in to a smaller frame. Accurate has made its first real stride with the B2-30 and B2-50 which were well accepted this season by many of the long range crew for the sardine bite and were credited with numerous cows (fish over 200 pounds).

In the beginning of 2008 David and Douglas Nilsen designed the first of the BX2 reels for our many fishing trips during the year. These reels landed fish in New Zealand, Australia, Panama, Mexico, and other fishing grounds throughout the world. The BX2 has held up to the rigors of stand up fishing to a variety of species without problem. Our dream of a small reel for big fish has finally gotten one step closer to reality. These reels offer features that reels twice their size have to effectively stop fired up game fish in their tracks.

The “BX2” Boss Extreme 2 speeds are being introduced in 400 (40lb), 500 (50lb), and 600 (60lb) sizes to fit the needs of serious anglers.

Bx2 feature:

  • Calibrated Lever Drag for Accurate Drag Setting
  • New Two speed Mechanism for Instant, Solid engagement
  • New power handle for increased Comfort and Torque
  • 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel gears and gear shaft
  • Larger, Stronger Gear Shaft for increased Torque
  • Larger Anti Reverse Bearing for Solid Stopping Power

The realization for anglers that there are smaller reels hitting the market that will handle the abuse of big game fishing has been long overdue. With the Patented TwinDrag feature and the new added features to the BX2 reels, we have gotten as close to a “Dream come true” as you can get. Our goal is to sell people product that creates good feelings and memories that last forever. If we can offer a small comfortable reel that gives people the confidence and power to land their targeted game fish we have done the job we set out to do. We are in this for the long haul and will continue to innovate new products as we see the needs of today’s fishermen continuously change with the introduction of new techniques for a variety game fish species. At Accurate we want to build the products that exceed the standards set by existing tackle and shoot for the next level not yet achieved. With this type of commitment towards the future, we hope to be creating products for years to come that will land the next fisherman’s fish of a lifetime.

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craig said...

Does the introduction of these new reels make my B2-870 and B2-665W reels suddenly obsolete after having bought them at the same price point of the BX models? I have heard that you will cease production of the former B2 series reels. Can you perform factory upgrades on the previous reels to match the specs/performance of the BX models or are they a completely different design? I quit buying Shimano because they keep introducing new models as part of a marketing strategy. I trust your goal to build the best reels and make valid improvements to existing products. You currently have my reels in for service.

Juzmycakes said...

hi, from singapore here. CAn i check with you, wht's the max drag for BX600 n BX 30